Orthopedic Doctors in Canada Researching Stem Cells as a Possible Treatment for Arthritis with Hopes of Replacing Knee and Hip Implants

A research team based out of Toronto hopes to minimize the number of patients needing hip and knee replacements in the future. CTV news feautered Dr. Nizar Mahomed, an orthopedic surgeon at Toronto’s Western Hospital, who reports his team has been one of the first of its kind to actually grow human cartilage in a laboratory using stem cells. The team is now embarking on the next stage of the study, which will see the new tissue used in animals.

The number of individuals suffering from osteoarthritis grows exponentially every year as people now live longer than ever and the incidence of arthritis increases with age. This, coupled with increasing obesity and other factors has caused osteoarthritis to become a worldwide epidemic. This team of researchers as well many others all over the world are hoping to use stem cells to treat the deterioration of cartilage in joints. “Although hip and knee replacements are a great operation….they don’t last forever and they bring risks and limitations” said Dr. Mohamed. He hopes within 5 to 10 years the new technology can be used in human patients while putting an end to joint replacement surgeries. “We’re working to put ourselves out of business,” he joked.

We’re excited to see the continued advancement of regenerative techniques being used in what was once thought to be treatable only with surgery. In addition to platelet rich plasma (PRP), the doctors of the Orthohealing Center are proud to offer Bone Marrow Concentrate Regenerative injections for advanced cases of osteoarthritis when other treatment options such as cortisone or viscosupplement injections (Synvisc, Euflexxa, Orthovisc, and Supartz) have failed.

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