Orthohealing Center’s Dr. Vishal Thakral Appointed as Clinical Instructor at Western University of Health Sciences:

Dr. Vishal Thakral was recently appointed as a Clinical Instructor at Western University of Health Sciences. Dr. Thakral will now be sharing his knowledge and expertise with aspiring 3rd and 4th year medical students. The Orthohealing Center prides itself on mentoring physicians in training, working to educate young future doctors on the value of compassion and providing high quality patient care. With Dr. Thakral’s extensive training at Johns Hopkins Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as well as a fellowship in sports medicine, he will surely add to the wealth of knowledge that the Orthohealing Center extends to the medical student community.

For more information about Dr. Thakral, check out his bio on the website.  Don’t forget to stay connected on Facebook and Twitter!

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