Orthohealing Center Publishes New Article in Orthopreneur: “Orthobiologics: A New Frontier in Orthoaepedics”

Dr. Sampson and Dr. Aufiero, along with the Orthohealing Center’s Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator, Hunter Vincent, published a new article in Orthopreneur titled “Orthobiologics: A New Frontier in Orthopaedics”. The article discusses the emergence of the newly coined term “Orthobiologics”, describing it as a class of groundbreaking new therapies with a “specific emphasis on tissue healing and restoration by harnessing regenerative potential within the body’s own cells and redirecting their use for accelerated healing in damaged or diseased parts of the body”.  The article takes you through the three generations of Orthobiologics, tracing the evolution from Hyaluronic Acid, to Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), and to the current generation of Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC).

Although Hyaluronic Acid was the first generation of Orthobiologic, the expansion into PRP as the second generation sparked significant discussion, due to its autologous (coming from within a person’s own body) nature.  PRP has come a long way since its origins in cardiothoracic surgery in 1987, and the field is only continuing to pick up speed.  With significant media coverage due to its growing popularity amongst professional athletes, as well as intensified research efforts through collaborative networks such as (TOBI) The Orthobiologic Institute, PRP is quickly becoming a mainstay in orthopedics, and expanding throughout many areas of medicine.  As BMC continues to develop as the new kid on the block, it will become more and more imperative for cooperative clinical trials to not only develop a standardized method of BMC treatment, but also to develop future generations of Orthobiologics.

The Orthohealing Center strives to stay at the forefront of Orthobiologic research, and is proud to be featured in this month’s Orthopreneur journal.

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