Orthohealing Center Involved in First Platelet Rich Plasma Textbook:

The Orthohealing Center’s Dr Steven Sampson and Dr Danielle Aufiero contributed multiple sections to the recently published first ever textbook on Platelet Rich Plasma.  The book is titled Platelet-Rich Plasma: Regenerative Medicine: Sports Medicine, Orthopedic, and Recovery of Musculoskeletal Injuries, and collects information about the potential mechanisms and applications of PRP in a variety of regenerative fields.  It feature contributions by the global leaders in Platelet Rich Plasma treatments and research.  Dr Steven Sampson, Founder of Orthohealing Center, wrote the Foreward, discussing how PRP has reshaped cellular therapy and “hit orthopedics by storm”.  Dr Aufiero and Dr Sampson worked together on a chapter, “Platelet Rich Plasma Practical Use in Non-Surgical Musculoskeletal Pathology”, while Dr Aufiero was also responsible for a contributing to a chapter on PRP in the spine, “Disc Regeneration with Platelets and Growth Factors”.

 This text cumulates the knowledge and experience of pioneers in the field Platelet Rich Plasma, and the Orthohealing Center is proud to be part of such a monumental progression for Orthobiologic therapy.



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