Orthohealing Center featured in Cleveland Clinic Arthritis Advisor

We are proud to announce that Dr Steven Sampson’s PRP Knee Osteoarthritis study was featured in the March 2011 edition of the Cleveland Clinic Arthritis Advisor. The journal features innovative treatments for Osteoarthritis & we’re thrilled to be included in the prestigious patient friendly publication.

While Dr Sampson’s study included a small # of patients, it paves the way for further research to examine which conditions may best respond to PRP. Major institutes like the Cleveland clinic, Harvard University/Massachusetts  General Hospital, & HSS are featuring this innovative therapy.

We have seen increased interest from Doctors abroad, who will be attending our upcoming PRP seminar in Los Angeles, CA. Attendees are coming from Monaco, Philippines, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Spain & more!  By bringing like minded docs together we can further the advancement of regenerative medicine.

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