NEW Study: Platelet Rich Plasma Injections for Chronic Patellar Tendinopathy

A new study, recently published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, looked at the effectiveness of 3 repeated Platelet Rich Plasma The recently published study was conducted on 28 athletes, 17 professional and 11 semi-professional, diagnosed with chronic PT that did not respond to any other non surgical treatment options. Each athlete received 3 PRP injections separated by 1 week, to the site of the tendinopathy.(PRP) injections for chronic patellar tendinopathy (PT).  Patellar Tendinopathy, also known as Jumper’s Knee, is a common overuse injury frequently seen in athletes who jump excessively, such as basketball and volleyball players.  The pain is often described as an “achiness”, usually at the bottom part of the knee cap, where the patellar tendon connects the knee cap to the lower leg bone.  The injury generally has a gradual onset of symptoms, and can be very difficult to treat, sometimes requiring long periods of rest and time off the court.

The results revealed significant improvements in pain and function at 2 year follow up. Also, 21 of the 28 athletes returned to their pre-symptom sporting level by 3 months after the procedure.  MRI images illustrated improved structural integrity at 3 months, as well as complete return of normal structure in 16 patients.

This study suggests that 3 repeated PRP injections for athletes with chronic PT can potentially yield improvements in pain and function, as well as improved healing and faster return to sport.  Although more trials are needed to completely validate Platelet Rich Plasma’s use in treating chronic PT, this study adds to a growing volume of research in the area.

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