New study from AJSM: Radial Shockwave Therapy improves blood flow to avascular region of knee meniscus tears in rat model.

While this is not the 1st AJSM study showing that shockwave therapy can boost blood flow to the meniscus: (, this new paper uses a radial pressure wave device single session to stimulate healing of the meniscus. It modulated inflammation and alleviated cartilage degeneration.

Via mechanotransduction, shockwave amplifies blood flow & induces cell signaling/metabolism to upregulate our body’s on endogenous repair system.

The meniscus is a critical shock absorber in the knee & damage to it precipitates osteoarthritis. Given the need to return to sport & activities asap & potentially avoid surgery when a mechanical obstruction is not present, there’s a great need in the community for alternative options.

Also there’s a growing need to accelerate surgical recovery & return to sport in recreational & professional level athletes. Studies like this show the potential of ESWT for meniscus injuries.

More studies will emerge as we learn more about this exciting orthobiologic tool for musculoskeletal injuries.

CLICK HERE to read the full study

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