New Research Reveals Tart Cherries Can Help Manage Pain With “the Highest Anti-Inflammatory Content of Any Food”

New research from Oregon Health & Science University presented today at the American College of Sports Medicine Conference (ACSM) in San Francisco, California reveals that tart cherries may help millions of Americans suffering from arthritc joint pain through their ability to reduce inflammation.

While there are many foods with known anti-inflammatory effects such as Kelp, Turmeric, Salmon, Papaya, Green Tea, Blueberries, and Broccoli, researchers now suggest that tart cherries have the “highest anti-inflammatory content of any food”. The antioxidant compounds in tart cherries, called “anthocyanins”, have been linked to reducing inflammation.

20 women between ages 40-70 with inflammatory osteoarthritis were studied. The research revealed that drinking tart cherry juice 2 times daily for 3 weeks led to significant reductions in inflammatory blood markers which also correlated to a reduction in pain levels.

Available in your neighborhood grocer’s shelf in dried, frozen, and juice forms, this appears to be an wise choice in any training or inflammation-fighting diet.

More information on the body of research supporting tart cherries’ pain-fighting properties can be found at

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