New PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Knee Arthritis Study

We are beginning clinical trials of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections in patients suffering with knee arthritis. There is an increasing “boomer” population with earlier knee arthritis as a result from prior trauma including meniscal tears & arthroscopies with scarring and cartilage loss etc. This phenomenon is termed “chondropenia.” We are searching for non-invasive alternatives to knee replacements in these active individuals.

Patients will receive a series of injections under ultrasound guidance to insure proper placement. X-rays and MRI’s, are taken into account & cartilage growth will be measured on serial ultrasound evaluations. Multiple pain score measures will be recorded as well. We plan on publishing this data so that the medical community can learn more about the promising role of PRP injections in cartilage disorders.

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