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Utilization of Platelet-derived growth factors for the treatment of cartilage degenerative pathology Clinical research / Knee (Chondral and Osteochondral defects)

E. Kon, G. Filardo, M. Lo Presti, M. Delcogliano, F. Iacono, C. Montaperto, M. Marcacci; Bologna/IT
The influence of the growth factors on cartilage repair is not yet widely studied and its application in clinics is still experimental. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a natural concentrate of autologous growth factors and actually is widely experimented in different fields of medicine. The method is simple, low cost and minimally invasive. The aim of our study is to determine the short-term effect of PRP in cartilage degenerative pathology.
Methods and Materials
30 symptomatic patients (40 knees) were treated with autologous PRP intra-articular injections for degenerative cartilage pathology. Mean age of the patients was 51 years (range:35y to 80y). 3 injections were performed every 3 weeks. All patients were clinically evaluated at the end of the treatment and at 6 months follow up. IKDC, SF36, EQ-VAS, scores were used for clinical evaluation and patient stisfaction and functional status were also recorded.
Statistically significant improvement of all scores was detected after treatment and was maintained at 6 months. Subjective IKDC evaluation showed a significant score enhancement from 37,9 before the treatment to 59,0 after the treatment. Significant correlation of clinical outcome with patients age was found. While the group of patients less then 60 years old have shown 85% of improvement, the group of patients over 60 showed only 30% of improvement of clinical outcome.

Our study have demonstrated a positive effect of treatment of degenerative cartilage pathology with Platelet-derived growth factors in middle-age patients (

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