Dr Steven Sampson of the Orthohealing Center Tours World Famous Orthopedic Rehabilitation Facility in Bologna Italy: Isokinetic

While in town for the International Cartilage Repair Society Stem Cell & Scaffolds symposium recently, Dr Steven Sampson met with leading physicians at one of the world’s premier rehab facilities for sports related injuries. Isokinetic is amongst the largest and most innovative rehabilitation clinics in Europe. This center features a complex of gyms, consultation suites, artificial tennis & soccer environments to facilitate return to sport as well as indoor and outdoor hydrotherapy pools spanning over 2000 sqm. Isokinetic has 8 facilities including their newest location in the heart of London, which has been named a FIFA Medical Center of Excellence.

In addition to all the amenities, there is an emphasis on physician supervised hands on manual therapy & an individualized approach to transitioning the patient back to full recovery.

World cup soccer athletes travel from all over to optimally recover here & return to the pitch in the best possible condition. Interestingly, many everyday patients with joint pain also frequent the facility to recover from surgery or to avoid it altogether. Rehabilitation is often coupled with biologic cell therapies like Platelet Rich Plasma to optimize recovery.

In the US this concept of premier rehab facilities is growing. Patients and physicians are recognizing the critical role of rehab to ensure a proper recovery from orthopedic injuries. Facilities like Isokinetic are raising the bar in the standards of rehab and we will see more state of the art rehab facilities here in the US. Were very thankful of the opportunity to visit one of the world’s premier rehab facilities.

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