First US Embryonic Stem Cell Trial Underway

A sign of the times.. The first Government approved clinical trail with Embryonic Stem Cells is underway. Patients in Georgia suffering with Spinal Cord Injuries are candidates for the experimental therapy. To successfully launch a trial of this magnitude takes incredible persistence, funding, and paperwork! It can take decades to get a therapy from bench to bedside but this is encouraging news that a trial is actually underway to determine if embryonic cells are safe for clinical; use. The next phase of the trial will explore it’s efficacy. The cells are grown in a lab, multiplied into millions of more cells then are injected into injured tissue to potentially coordinate repair & regeneration.

What many people aren’t aware of is that stem cells exist in our own adult human body.  This concept of using our own stem cells (Autologous) is used regularly in bone marrow transplants for life threatening conditions like cancer. These regenerative cells  are known to exist in Fat, Bone Marrow, and even Menstural Blood. Lot’s of research is in the pipeline making up over 95% of all stem cell research from these fields opposed to the controversy surrounding embryonic usage. I was in France last wk & saw a two page newspaper spread describing embryonic cell research. Times are definitely changing..

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