Durolane: A New, Purified, and Effective Joint Lubrication For Osteoarthritis


FDA rarely issues premarket approval for orthopedic drugs and medication. However, Durolane, a one-time hyaluronic acid (HA) injection made by Bioventus LLC, has scored such an honor. The injection contains joint lubrication, which provides anti-inflammatory factors and thus reduces joint pain caused by osteoarthritis (OA). According to an interview by Orthopedics This Week with the company’s CEO, Tony Bihl, over 20 million Americans suffer joint pains from OA each year. As treatment options for OA are usually limited, patients who experience unbearable pains tend to seek for orthopedic surgery, which is associated with many risks of complications. “Durolane has been proven to relieve OA knee pain for the past 15 years,” so says Mr. Bihl. This single-injection intends to directly treat the affected joint, with extremely simple and quick administer. Treatment can be repeated as required by the physician, and no known side effects have been shown. Furthermore, with its purified, stabilized, hyaluronic acid formula, Durolane is very unlikely to cause immunological or anaphylactic reactions.

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