Dr Steven Sampson visits Monaco Orthopedic clinic to assist in PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Procedures

Dr Steven Sampson visitied a premier center inMonaco, the (IM2S) The Monaco Institute of Sports Medicine & Surgery. Professional athletes  from all around Europe visit this state of the art facility located on the beautiful Mediterranean Coast. Dr Jean-Marc Parisaux, like Dr Steven Sampson is a PMR Physician (Physiatrist) specializing in non-surgical orthopedics & regenerative medicine. Dr Sampson assisted Dr Parisaux with ultrsound guided procedures of PRP on elite soccer players.  The IM2S is a clinic much like the Orthohealing Center in Los Angeles that is providing cutting edge therapies to accelerate healing.

Doctors at Im2S hope to begin PRP research including studying tennis elbow as well as intra-operative use of PRP to accelerate recovery.  We look forward to maintaining our relationship with this exciting clinic & hope that they benefitted from our visit as well.

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