Dr Steven Sampson Visits Dr Neal Elattrache to observe surgical procedures

Dr Steven Sampson recently observed state of the art surgical procedures with Neal ElAttrache MD in Los Angeles, CA. Dr ElAttrache is a renowned Orthopedic surgeon & Dodgers team doctor, who performs minimally invasive arthroscopy of the shoulder, elbow & knee. I observed a knee ACL tear autograft procedure, where the patients own patellar (knee tendon) was removed & was later inserted and screwed deep in the knee for the torn ACL.

Dr. ElAttrache has authored 32 textbooks and 60 journal publications, filmed 10 orthopedic instructional videos, and has been a facilitator for over 240 lectures.

Dr ElAttrache emphasizes that younger patients have a better success rate using their own tendon Vs cadaver graft (allograft). Afterwards I saw a rotator cuff repair which was very impressive. Dr ElAttrache pioneered a technique which has revolutionized rotator cuff repair around the world with a more durable suturing protocol.

We hope to visit other pioneering & leading physicians around the world to enhance our comprehensive care.

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