Dr. Steven Sampson to Speak at the NBA Combine This Weekend in Chicago, IL on Shockwave Therapy for Athletes

It’s great the see the growing interest in shockwave (ESWT) by the NBATA featuring some of the brightest minds in sports medicine. Many medical innovations like PRP, get a boost from awareness in the sports realm.

Shockwave is a safe, evidence based, and minimally invasive tool for musculoskeletal injuries. Similarly to PRP injections, it triggers the body’s inherent ability to self-heal by activating growth factors & proteins and promoting angiogenesis (new vessel development) and analgesia (pain relief).

We expect that eventually all teams will have ESWT in their toolbox as well as other machine based energy devices. The field is seeing a boom in devices including wearable’s to keep athletes healthy and in the game.

NBA athletes like other pros travel across different time zones frequently, which limits recovery and athletes are prone to in-season soft tissue injuries.

Dr. Sampson will be sharing metrics from DataBiologics that our clinic Orthohealing Center in LA is outperforming all other appx 150 clinics in the registry for soft tissue injures of the shoulder & knee at 12 months by combining ESWT w/ biologic injections.

It’s next-level to have data on your treatments & track outcomes to guide decision making.

Dr. Sampson will also share some additional adjuncts we incorporate like topical CBD cream, electromagnetic energy, photobiomodulation (laser) and long duration ultrasound (LDU) to accelerate healing in our athletes.

It’s great to see the rising trajectory of mechanotherapy that will change the way we address orthopedic injuries in the future.

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