Dr Steven Sampson, The Orthohealing Center interviewed on National Brazilian Radio Station Band Radio FM about PRP platelet rich plasma therapy on elite soccer athletes and weekend warriors

Dr Steven Sampson was interviewed Sunday July 3rd by National Brazilian Radio Station Band News FM. Dr Sampson, a recognized international expert in PRP discussed his experiences & how PRP is not just for elite athletes but is being used for patients who are non-athletes & have painful joints affecting everyday activity . More & more in the media we are seeing exposure of PRP therapy. PRP is a gateway therapy in Orthobiologics that is introducing this therapeutic realm to Dr’s & patients.

Numerous studies are underway to learn best how & when to apply this treatment. For certain, some studies will go both ways pro Vs con & we need more natural based alternatives to address the root of orthopedic problems. The broadcast was in Portuguese and reached millions of Brazilians. To download the broadcast visit our website

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