Dr Steven Sampson of The Orthohealing Center and Los Angeles Lakers Athletic Trainer Gary Vitti Discuss knee pain on The Doctors TV Show today on CBS.

Tune in to see an exciting natural alternative to a cortisone injection and anti-inflammatory meds  for joint and tendon pain! The Bauerfeind knee brace which has been so popular with our patients is featured along with helpful tips on avoiding injuries and natural safe treatments.

After treating numerous international Olympic track and field athletes at our Los Angeles center, we initially learned about the buzz surrounding Traumeel. Unfortunately there is little public awareness in the states about this treatment option, however in professional athletic circles there is great demand and respect for this therapy. Athletes will fly to Europe just for this injection, and are not aware that it is available in the US. The treatment is appealing because of its immediate effects combined with a low side effect profile compared to steroid injections and anti-inflammatory medications.

Inflammation is a natural and vital response to initiate healing after injury. Most new injuries quickly follow with redness, pain & swelling. This is the bodies attempt to repair itself. However, the inflammation phase can be excessive and prolonged, which delays and disrupts healing. By neutralizing the balance of inflamed cells called “cytokines”, Traumeel restores a balance of inflammation to facilitate healing.

For more information, view this video on traumeel.com.

The Orthohealing Center doctors are recognized worldwide as leading the way for innovative cutting edge therapies to keep people active from pro athletes to weekend warriors. Through the medium of television we have been able to share innovative treatments like PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, Neural Prolotherapy, and Traumeel injections.

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