Dr. Steven Sampson Lectures at Regenerative Medicine Workshop for American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Conference

Dr. Steven Sampson, in collaboration with other leaders in the field of Orthobiologics, instructed a pre-conference workshop on the use of various regenerative medicine options for the treatment of Osteoarthritis and how to implement them into clinical practice. The education session discussed proper techniques for aspiration and processing of bone marrow concentrate, as well as hands-on experience in drilling techniques for bone marrow aspiration. In addition, the workshop demonstrated office-based protocols for stem cell procedures including indications, preparation, patient education, pre- and post procedure patient guidelines, sequencing, and combination with platelet-rich plasma and other adjunctive treatments.

As Orthobiologic treatments continue to expand, it is essential for clinicians and researchers to stay on the cutting edge and continue to progress research efforts and education. Dr. Sampson and the Orthohealing Center are honored to be amongst the pioneers in the field of Orthobiologics and take part in educating physicians, residents, and medical students on the emerging topics in regenerative medicine.

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