Dr. Steven Sampson discusses cell therapies and orthobiologics in Orthoworld interview

In a recent interview in Orthoworld  Dr. Steven Sampson describes new areas of orthopedic medicine and his efforts to advance the field as a pioneering doctor. Dr Sampson describes the rapidly growing field of cell therapy or “orthobiologics.” Having experienced his own knee injury, Dr. Sampson knows how it feels to be a patient suffering from pain. Dr. Sampson goes on to explain that orthobiologics is a growing field along with an epidemic of active patients with joint pain and disease.

Dr Sampson committed to expanding the awareness of cell therapies among physicians through his annual symposium TOBI The Orthobiologic Institute. Over 700 participants from around the world convene annually in Las Vegas NV, to learn best practices including cadaver lab, breakout workshops and lectures from thought leaders sharing the latest clinical data. Dr. Sampson is compassionate to further research for arthritis which is increasing especially among younger individuals. For more info, click here.

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