Dr Satoshi Sobajima of Japan visits The Orthohealing Center to observe Platelet Rich Plasma Procedures

We were thrilled to have Satoshi Sobajima MD, an orthopaedic surgeon from Osaka Japan visit last week.  Dr Sobajima spent time at the University of Pittsburg doing progressive research in regenerative medicine. Using stem cells, gene therapy, & PRP Dr Sobajima studied regeneration of intervertebral discs of the spine in animal models.  Currently Dr Sobajima is looking at PRP & stem cells to regenerate cortical bone in Rabbit Femurs.  This research could potentially influence surgical protocol around the world as we look for more cost effective, safer, and natural based alternatives.  Dr Sobajima will be presenting his data at the Regenerative Medicine conference in Hiroshima in March 2010. Dr Steven Sampson will also be discussing his knee arthritis study and PRP experiences in Japan.

Dr Sobajima was particularily interested in utilizing ultrasound guidance for his non surgical management of orthopaedic issues. We welcome Dr’s from around the world to visit here to observe our work & to collaborate on research projects in the future.

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