Dr. Sampson Lectures on Regenerative Medicine at the UCLA PM&R Research Day

Dr. Sampson was recently invited to speak at the UCLA Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Research Day. The event highlighted the annual research projects of the UCLA residents, and featured talks on important topics in the fields of physiatry, pain management, and sports medicine. Dr Sampson lectured to the UCLA residents and physicians about emerging topics in regenerative medicine, discussing the evolution of Orthobiologics and the vastly expanding research supporting the use of Platelet Rich Plasma and Bone Marrow Concentrate for musculoskeletal injuries. During his lecture, Dr Sampson discussed his many successful applications of Orthobiologics in not only professional athletes, but weekend warriors and aging populations as well. In addition, Dr Sampson briefly touched on a the rising topic of Biomarkers for Osteoarthritis and acute injuries, illustrating how identification of markers in bodily fluids, such as blood and synovial fluid, may hold the secret to future diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. Dr. Sampson is honored to be a part of such an inspiring day at the UCLA PM&R residency, and proud to continue teaching doctors, young and old, about the emerging area of Orthobiologics.

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