Dr Adam Weglein from Houston Texas visits Orthohealing Center

Recently we were thrilled to have visiting Sports Medicine Specialist, Dr Adam Weglein visit our center to observe procedures. After completing a sports medicine fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic;Dr Weglein has travelled around the world learning new therapies to address osteoarthritis & pain. Dr Weglein will be a guest lecturer at our upcoming PRP seminar. He will be speaking about a very exciting technique called Neural Prolotherapy. Dr Weglein postulates that pain may be generated just beneath the skin at the “sub-cutaneous level.” By giving several small injections of pure sterile water & dextrose, doctors are able to dramatically relieve swelling & pain generated from small nerves and pain receptors. Dr Weglein travelled to Ferrara Italy to study with a renowned expert, Dr John Lyftogt & has since published a paper on his work. Thanks for our patients for being so cooperative.

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