Common Sports Injuries Don’t Have to Take You Out of the Game

istock 1161534927 Sports injuries affect people of all athletic levels. Usually, these injuries occur due to factors outside of one’s control. However, improper equipment, training, and performance techniques can contribute to an elevated risk of injury. Regardless of how or why a sports injury has occurred, the pain of the injury can significantly impact quality of life. No one wants to be sidelined for weeks or months on end. This is why, at the Orthohealing Center in Los Angeles, we have used our expertise to develop services that help get athletes back in the game as quickly as possible.

Injuries that May Require Professional Care

  • Knee Injuries are the most common problem we see here at the Orthohealing Center. These range from mild tendonitis to meniscus or ACL tears. Our knee specialists have a wealth of training in sports medicine and orthobiologic therapies to successfully treat the gamut of knee injuries.
  • Strains and sprains are part of the game for athletes at every level. A sprain is an overstretch or tear in a ligament. A strain is damage to a muscle or tendon. Sprains and strains, like other injuries, can be mild to severe. Fortunately, most resolve with rest and nonsurgical modalities.
  • Shoulder injuries may strike athletes who regularly reach overhead. Baseball and tennis players and swimmers are especially vulnerable to shoulder injuries. In our part of the country, we also see beach volleyball players experience this type of injury. Being one of the most complex joints in the body, the shoulder may sustain damage in muscle or tendon tissue, in cartilage, or vital ligaments. Our specialists conduct a thorough consultation and examination, alongside necessary imaging to adequately diagnose and treat shoulder injuries.
  • Elbow injuries often occur in golfers and tennis players but could affect any athlete. The elbow joint may be injured by overuse such as repetitive twisting and extension or direct trauma. New research in sports medicine has paved the way for innovative treatment modalities.

Innovation at Its Finest

Whether you are a weekend athlete or an Olympian, you expect your body to perform at its finest on the field, mat, court, or another arena. To keep our patients in the best possible playing condition, we also believe in operating at our finest. Our physiatrists are consistently involved in the research and development of orthobiologic medicine. In this way, we continually increase our capacity to be there for our patients who demand the utmost from their bodies. At the Orthohealing Center, we are dedicated to healing injuries and restoring optimal performance using products and therapies cleared for general use by the FDA.

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