CBD For Osteoarthritis and Joint Pain Treatment? Arthritis Foundation Weighs In..

The Arthritis Foundation recently conducted a survey where they gathered patient’s insights on their CBD-based products in order to submit scientific data to the FDA regarding cannabis derived compounds. Of the patients currently using CBD, over 70% found it to be effective in relieving anxiety, nausea, inability to sleep, and pain. People with arthritis primarily use CBD products for symptom management, especially pain. The surveys showed that 91% of the pain interfered with daily activities. The data suggests that CBD-based products may be an effective treatment to alleviate chronic discomfort plaguing the lives of millions of adults worldwide. However, there is more regulation that needs to be done to ensure patient safety. The Arthritis Foundation recommends that the FDA:

  • Establishes a set of minimum standards
  • Implements label requirements to differentiate uses, dosage, and risks of each product
  • Works closely with the National Institute of Health and other agencies engaged in CBD research to strengthen the level of research on CBD products and their efficacy
  • Develops an education initiative to provide trusted, easy-to use tools to consumers

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