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The Orthohealing Center providing the best technology in the world for orthopedic injuries: New Ultrasound Machine available!

After a long wait we are excited to announce that we are one of a few clinics in the world to offer perhaps the best musculoskeletal ultrasound machine available. This state of the art equipment offers enhanced visualization of tendon fibers and soft tissue. In the past when we zoom into a tendon for a closer look it would get blurry or distorted. Now with the Sonosite Edge, the image gets sharper as we zoom in!

This will result in better image quality which in our experience enhances patient care. With the use of ultrasound to guide precise needle injections, we have seen less reported pain from procedures & better results. This evidence is supported in the literature as well.

The use of ultrasound while mainstream in Europe is now becoming the standard of care in the US, primarily driven by patients demanding the best.

At theĀ Orthohealing Center we take pride in researching various therapies & orthopedic technology around the globe to offer it to our patients.
Our Physicians were among the early pioneers of utilizing ultrasound in the US as well as incorporating it with biologic injections like PRP.


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OHC Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update View Update Virtual Consultation Schedule Now!

OHC Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update:

The health, safety and well being of our patients in the community is our highest priority.

We will be offering virtual consults and follow up visits from the comfort of your home to access our physicians during this uncertain time.

Please contact (310) 312-8095 for more details.

For the latest updates on COVID-19 and prevention please follow the CDC Recommendations