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Orthopedics: Proximal Hamstring injuries treated with Platelet-rich Plasma therapy

Hamstring is a group of large muscles in the back of the thigh that start from the lower hip and end at the shinbone. Injuries of the hamstring closer to the hip are called proximal hamstring injuries. These can be quite disabling and have been inconsistently treated with many conservative treatments such as physiotherapy and anti-inflammatory meds . Steroids shots have shown success but can damage surrounding tissues. Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) has been effective in managing numerous orthopedic pathologies. In this study, 15 patients with 17 proximal hamstring injuries were selected. Twelve of these had previously failed the aforementioned conservative treatments. These patients were treated with PRP. Five remaining patients were treated with the traditional conservative therapy only.  The PRP group showed a reduction in pain and improvement in function whereas the conservative treatment group showed no changes in pain and function.

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