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Orthohealing Center patient an Olympic athlete, featured in international symposium for Bone Marrow Concentration (BMC) procedure for ankle pain.

We are excited to announce that our successful collaboration with Dr Chris Vincent at Altus and Dr Christopher Garcia of the Sports Division, US Olympic Committee resulted in a formal presentation at the American physical therapy association Combined Sections Meeting San Diego 2013. The patient an elite Olympic pole vaulter suffered with severe ankle osteoarthritis with a bone lesion and had failed all option currently available with 3 surgeries and many injections. She had consulted with leading doctors around the globe and was discouraged and considered retirement. Surprisingly after a single Bone Marrow Procedure, she was training without limitation and participated in the Olympic trials. While most of the patients we treat at the Orthohealing center are in fact not pro athletes, this story inspires us all. Biologic based treatments like same day bone marrow concentration and platelet rich plasma are offering new alternatives when patients were previously told, “just live with the pain” or “there are no options.” More formal trials are needed to better understand who the ideal candidates for cell based therapies.

Follow her personal story here as she continues to train in hopes of Olympic gold.

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