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Knee ACL Injuries linked to Hormones

Torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament in x-ray view


ACL injuries can be devastating for athletes. Currently, surgical repair using the patient’s own tendon or a cadaver graft is often used for complete tears. However oftentimes athletes knees are “never the same” following a long rehab process.  Afterwards and return to sport and performance level can be limited. Along with new grafts, scaffolds, and 3D bio-printing; new research is looking into the most effective impact: PREVENTION.

According to Orthopedics This Week, Women experience ACL injuries much more commonly than men & researchers from John Hopkins identified low testosterone as an important risk factor. More research is needed to treat Knee ACL tears including surgery with stem cells to get athletes back on the field sooner and avoid the frequent occurrence of osteoarthritis after injury. But most importantly, prevention holds the greatest  promise!

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