What is PRP Treatment for Knee Pain?

PRP treatment is a minimally invasive same-day procedure that involves taking a sample of the patient’s blood and separating it into its 4 components (white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, and plasma). The yellow liquid component of the blood, or the plasma, contains platelets that secrete growth factors and over 1,500 proteins. When injected into the knee, these cells address the inflammatory environment within the knee joint. Oftentimes, PRP may be applied to surrounding regions of the knee for a more comprehensive approach such as the meniscus (a shock absorber) or adjacent tendons.

At the Orthohealing Center, we are a data-driven practice providing our patients with the most comprehensive and advanced PRP therapy Los Angeles has to offer for knee pain. Read through the latest PRP research and get in touch with us to request your appointment today.

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