Therapeutic Yoga now offered in West Los Angeles, CA

The Orthohealing Center is proud to announce that Therapeutic yoga is now available in West Los Angeles! For many with injuries, Yoga can be intimidating. Many have done yoga in the past but are hesitant to return following a course of physical therapy. Our patients require a customized program to avoid certain positions that may stress a particular area & emphasize postural changes to relieve pressure.  Increasingly we are learning the many benefits of yoga from preventing Osteoporosis to reducing stress and blood pressure. We always emphasize to our patients that it is critical to maintain an active lifestyle & yoga is one avenue that many can benefit from. Individual one on one sessions are available in our West LA office and group glasses are offered in Santa Monica from a very trusted yoga therapist…Dr Sampson’s wife Michelle Sampson CYT! ,.  For more information visit:

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