Study Shows Adult Bone Marrow Cell Injection Used to Help Heal Degenerative Knee Joints

The Center for Bone Marrow Cell & Arthritis Research conducted a study and found that mesenchymal (adult) bone marrow cell injections could help those with a degenerative knee joint condition. Knee osteoarthritis, may present at any age and may result from trauma or following surgery. There were 18 participants in the study, between the ages of 41 and 69 years old. MRI data was collected at both the beginning and end of the study. The data revealed there was a positive correlation between clinical and MRI results to the number of cells injected in the patient’s knee. These encouraging findings show the potential mesenchymal bone marrow cell injections may have on degenerated knee joints. At the Orthohealing Center we help patients with pain including patellar tendinitis, meniscus tears, torn ligaments and arthritis with same day autologous (from the same patient) bone marrow concentrate therapy.

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