Regenokine, PRP Platelet Rich Plasma, Biologic Medicine: on the ABC Nightly news

With the recent attention surrounding athletes like Kobe Bryant & Fred Couples receiving biologic based therapies for ailing orthopedic injuries, we have seen widespread media coverage.  Currently it’s unclear whether or not Regenokine is FDA approved because the blood is incubated overnight & then administered. PRP or platelet rich plasma however has been used for over 20 years safely with hundreds of publications of its use . 3 studies this year alone have suggested it’s benefit for knee osteoarthritis including controlled trials.

While treatment of elite athletes is shedding light on these promising therapies, it’s the everyday patient with back, hip, knee pain etc that may benefit most. We will host 60-80 leading doctors from around the globe in biologic regenerative medicine july 13-15 in Los Angeles.

Get on the path to comprehensive healing and long-term pain relief today.

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