Rafael Nadal to Receive Stem Cell Injection for Back Injury

Rafael Nadal’s explosive tennis game and dynamic style have left opponents and fans in awe since the start of his career over a decade ago. However, his unrelenting play and raw tenacity have wrecked havoc on his body. Throughout much of his career, Nadal has been plagued by injuries including the wrist, toe, knees, and even his appendix. Now, according to Fox News, Nadal’s ailing back is another area of his body that is feeling the effects of his 14 Majors and aggressive career. Already missing the remainder of the 2014 season due to having his appendix removed, Nadal’s physician, Ruiz-Cotorro, has told Fox that Nadal is set to receive Stem Cell injections into the joints of the spine.

Nadal is no stranger to regenerative joint injections. He has already used Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and stem cells to help with his aging knees, showing a great return to competitive action. Now, Nadal will be utilizing the same cellular mixture of stem cells to help with degenerative changes in his spine.

Research continues to emerge illustrating the potential benefits of regenerative cell treatments similar to the ones used by Rafa. Although more clinical studies and research collaboration are needed to fully evaluate the efficacy of such treatments, the increasing popularity amongst professional sports stars adds to a growing mound of evidence supporting its success.

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