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PRP Case Study 3

Shoulder Rotator Cuff Tear

Patient Background:

The patient is a 45-year-old male with complaints of right shoulder pain for three weeks after bench pressing and feeling a “crunch”. An initial MRI demonstrated a tear of the middle supraspinatus (rotator cuff) along with bursitis (fluid build up around the tendon). A musculoskeletal ultrasound confirmed the partial rotator cuff tear.

Orthohealing Center Treatment and Outcome:

After an evaluation by Dr. Steve Sampson, the patient received a platelet rich plasma injection graft under ultrasound guidance approximately 5 weeks following his injury. Following a series of four (4) PRP injections, the patient is now back at the gym and able to exercise without pain, and avoided surgical repair of his rotator cuff.

Patient Testimonial:

“PRP is an invaluable alternative to surgery. I had a torn rotator cuff and after 4 treatments I’m 100% healed.”

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