Amniotic Tissue Allograft/MOTYS

Introducing motystm
A new amniotic allograft

MOTYS-from the Latin motus meaning motion - marks a significant leap forward: it is rich in relevant growth factors, holds remarkable potential, and is reliable in its consistency.

More than 50 unique growth factors and cytokines have been identified in MOTYS,1 including five key factors:

TIMP-1, -2, -3; bfGF; IL-1Ra2

Rich in growth factors

MOTYS contains amnion, chorion, and umbilical cord tissue obtained from consented placental donation. By utilizing all three tissues, the gift is maximized, enabling utilization of all naturally available growth factors.


  • Sterille, contains no live cells.
  • Stored at room temperature.
  • Easy to resonstitute; takes minutes, with no thawing or spinning.

notable levels of key factorsidentified2

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Remarkable Potential

MOTYS holds great potential as a biologic therapy, because it displays a multifactorial mechanism of action (MOA). This MOA may promote a beneficial combination of anti-inflammatory, anti-catabolic and pro-anabolic effects.3.5
These effects have been demonstrated through in vitro and in vivo data in a range of applications.


Reliable Consistency

MOTYS was developed in partnership with a leading tissue bank, with a goal of providing a more consistent amniotic option. Through careful recovery, specialized processing and testing, MOTYS has demonstrated lot-to-lot consistency of naturally occurring biofactors.

MOTYS is available today, and Bioventus is actively conducting clinical trials on the product. To learn more about MOTYS please complete the Medical Information Request Form at

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