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Orthohealing Center: Dr Steven Sampson and Dr Danielle Aufiero Publish Article on Bone Marrow Concentrate for Cartilage Disease in The Physician and Sports Medicine

Physicians are seeing an epidemic of increased osteoarthritis in younger patients. As a result of injuries like meniscus & ACL tears, patients are at greater risk for developing cartilage disease. In this article, one of the first U.S. publications on Bone Marrow Concentrate injection for cartilage disease, Dr Steven Sampson and Danielle Aufiero explain one of the newest treatments available for potentially lessen pain and improve function in knee arthritis. These same day therapies are being delivered at point-of-care in the clinic during an office visit.

New biologic based treatments include hyaluronic acid (HA), platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and bone marrow concentrate (BMC). Bone marrow concentrate contains mesenchymal cells (MSCs), hematopoetic cells, platelets (containing growth factors), and cytokines. The anti-inflammatory and immune regulating properties of bone marrow cells (BMSCs) may potentially facilitate regeneration of tissue. BMC is available for a same-day procedure with minimal manipulation of cells. More studies are needed to best determine who may be an optimal candidate for bone marrow injection therapy vs a total joint replacement. Doctors at the Orthohealing Center are leading the way in research to explore new treatment options.