Peter Schnoor Visits the Orthohealing Center from Zurich, Switzerland

Peter Schnoor from SportClinic Zurich in Switzerland, recently visited the Orthohealing Center to observe some of the most cutting edge procedures and techniques in regenerative orthopedics.  SportClinic Zurich specializes in a wide variety of orthopedic services, from highly specialized orthopedic surgery, to all-around sports medicine care, as well as orthopedic diagnostic imaging, and world class physiotherapy. During Peter’s visit to the Orthohealing Center he witnessed many of the most advanced forms of orthobiologic therapy including Platelet Rich Plasma and Bone Marrow Concentrate.  Thank you to all of the patients who allowed Peter Schnoor to observe their treatments. The Orthohealing is honored to have Peter visit the center, and encourages collaboration and networking amongst all physicians and specialties to further advance the field of regenerative orthopedics.

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