Orthopedic Surgeon Alberto Gobbi From Milan, Italy Visits Orthohealing Center Los Angeles to discuss Platelet Rich Plasma and Bone Marrow Concentrate for Cartilage Disease:

Recently, we were honored to have internationally recognized cartilage expert Dr. Alberto Gobbi visit us from Milan. Dr Gobbi has coined the term “Biologic Arthroplasty” that combines arthroscopic surgery with Bone Marrow derived cells to potentially delay or avoid a total joint replacement. Dr Gobbi presented his latest data & results at the International Cartilage Repair Society Stem Cells & Scaffolds Meeting. Dr Steven Sampson also attended the event in Bologna Italy & lectured on Bone Marrow Concentrate injections for Osteoarthritis. Dr Gobbi founded a non profit organization O.A.S.I Bioresearch Foundation that is dedicated to the advancement of biologic solutions for cartilage disease. International collaboration with Dr Gobbi & others is necessary to learn from one another and advance the field of orthopedics to provide more options for less invasive natural based solutions to the growing epidemic of joint disease.

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