The Orthohealing Center on Radiology Rounds:

On the first day of medical school they always tell you, “As a doctor, you never stop being a student”. With medicine constantly advancing, and new treatments and insights developing every day, continuing education is very important for physicians in any field. Physicians have a responsibility to stay on the pulse of these rapid changes to provide the safest and most effective options when treating a patient. The doctors at the Orthohealing Center believe this mindset towards continuing education is not only essential for providing the highest quality patient care, by the only way to remain as a pioneer and leader in the field of regenerative orthopedics and orthobiologics.

In addition to treating patients in the clinic; educating doctors, students, and residents at the practice and through the TOBI: The Orthobiologic Institute regenerative medicine symposium; as well as conducting lectures around the world, our faculty regularly rounds with leading radiologists to stay current on new imaging techniques in MRI and Ultrasound for evaluating cartilage & tendon disease.

Take a look at Dr. Sampson, Dr. Aufiero, and Dr. Thakral during their after-hours radiology rounds and lecture on advancements in radiology.  Don’t forget to stay connected on Facebook and Twitter !!

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