Orthohealing Center launches breakthrough Natural alternative to anti-inflammatories and sleep agents!

The Orthohealing Center is excited to offer a premiere line of encapsulated Rx Medical Foods. A safer alternative to medication such as anti-inflammatories and sleep agents, medical foods utilize state-of-the-art targeted cellular technology and have been shown in clinical trials to manage the increased nutritional requirements of disease and injury without harmful side effects. Many of our patients are not candidates for anti-inflammatories because of their side effects. Now they have an natural yet potent alternative!

Medical foods supply the body with the necessary vitamins, components, minerals and other nutritive substances that are formulated to provide nutrition support for the whole body. Medical foods differ from supplements because they have been regulated by the FDA and must be prescribed by a physician. They can be used alone for relief or can be combined with a low dose prescription medication for more powerful effects while reducing the risk for harmful side effects.

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