Opioid epidemic in military. Orthobiologics offer a natural alternative to prescription drugs

In a new article from Huffington Post soldiers describe a culture where pain pills are often provided as a quick fix. Physicians need to be mindful of their dangers and how opioids can exacerbate addiction, depression and mental disorders. At Orthohealing we partner with W2W https://www.warrior2warrior.org/ to provide regenerative procedures to special forces and NAVY SEALS like PRP and bone marrow stem cell injections to attack pain naturally. Unfortunately our nations heroes return from duty with chronic pain that is vulnerable to addictive opioids fueling suicide. Hopefully military personnel will soon provide more natural based treatments to target disease rather than cover up symptoms with associated side effects. Also the culture in military need to change as soldiers see pain as a sign of weakness and do not report it or discuss it with fellow soldiers. This results in delayed treatment and chronic pain.

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