New study showing the positive effect of autologous platelet-rich plasma-releasate (PRP) on spine disc degeneration in rabbit model

Intervertebral discs serve as a cushion between the bones of your back, holding them together and allowing minor movement of these bones. In a recent study, PRP use in treating disc degeneration was evaluated. Twelve female New Zealand white rabbits were selected and underwent puncture of two discs to induce disc degeneration. Four weeks after the puncture, rabbits were treated with a placebo, 1 PRP injection or 1 PPP (platelet-poor plasma) randomly. Disc height, MRI and histology (discs seen under the microscope) were the three measures used to determine improvement. Twelve weeks after the initial puncture, PRP group showed positive results in terms of restoration of disc height and histology but MRI results were the same in all three-treatment groups. This study demonstrated that PRP is safe and can have a clinical role in treating disc degeneration. Some surgeons are adding PRP to their repair in the operating room, while others are recommending Hyaluronic acid or PRP injections after the operation to maximize healing.

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