New study in JAMA shows repeated Cortisone injections for knee inflammation and arthritis leads to cartilage loss

In a recent study in JAMA scientists injected Cortisone every three months for two years in patients suffering with inflammation and knee osteoarthritis.

They compared the Cortisone injection results with a placebo, Saline water injections and monitored MRIs for cartilage changes over time.
The group that received repeated Cortisone injections developed more cartilage loss on MRI versus the Saline group.

This study confirms our understanding that Cortisone may have negative effects and should be used very cautiously in acute situations and not be used repeatedly which may cause further damage and lead to joint replacements.

Natural-based cell therapies like PRP and bone marrow stem cell have promise to potentially protect the knee joint rather than promote degeneration and give a false sense of symptom relief like Cortisone does.

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