New study in American Journal of Sports Medicine shows Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) blood injection superior to placebo for knee osteoarthritis treatment.

In a new study from the American Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers in India were able to show that when compared to a placebo control of saline (water), PRP patients had superior benefits. There was a mild deterioration of those improvements at 6 months. This level 1 randomized placebo controlled study showed that PRP injection for knee osteoarthritis is safe and effective. Of note, supporting prior studies and literature; patients with more mild degrees of cartilage damage fared better than those with advanced disease. This suggests that earl intervention is key in active individuals to keep tehm active whiel protecting the knee & avoiding potentially harmful treatments like cortisone injections. More powerful biologic treatments are emerging for more advanced cases of cartilage damage including Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC)m, although more controlled trials are needed. Since our initial publication of PRP use in knee arthritis, many studies have shown that it has a strong safety profile & is helpful.

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