New Review article suggests positive effects of PRP Platelet Rich Plasma injections for knee osteoarthritis. More studies needed.

A recent review of multiple studies supports Platelet-Rich Plasma use as an alternative method in the treatment of Osteoarthritis. PRP is simple, minimally invasive, and clinically safe with no serious side effect reported by the patients. It uses your body’s own growth factors (naturally occurring substances) that favor the healing process and tissue regeneration. One study showed significant clinical improvement at one-year follow-up when compared to the pre-therapy visit. Another study showed that patients were satisfied 2 years after receiving PRP injections. In another study PRP therapy was more efficacious and long lasting than Hyaluronic acid injections in reducing pain and symptoms. Additionally, there was evidence supporting PRP’s ability to improve pain and knee function in patients, especially in younger men.  Each year more and more studies are emerging showing the positive effects of PRP Platelet Rich Plasma for osteoarthritis to target the disease process rather than masking the symptoms and to avoid further cartilage damage.

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