NBA (National Basketball Association) Embraces Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

More & more professional sports teams are integrating cutting edge technology to provide the best medical care possible to their patients. Today, Sonosite a manufacturer of handheld ultrasound announced that it’s technology will be exclusively utilized by the NBA.

We have treated NBA players who appreciate this technology because of the inconvenience of fitting a 7 foot plus body frame in a tube & the time delay required to get the study. Now, team doctors & trainers have a point of care option that can quickly access injuries & guide treatment in the locker room. For years elite European soccer clubs have utilized this technology on their players. What many people aren’t aware of is that we use this ultrasound in our practice; not just on professional athletes but also with the general population who suffer with pain. We find that patients enjoy the hands on  interactive dynamic associated with ultrasound. Also because we use ultrasound to guide precise injections , patients report less pain. Studies have clearly documented that injections without ultrasound are often not where the physician believes they are, which adversely effects the outcome.

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