NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas feeling better following blood spinning injections to his knees and hips; Lakers express interest and attend his workouts in Los Angeles

Three-time NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas recently underwent the same regenerative blood spinning treatments on his knees that the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant and Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez went through.  According to sources close to the situation, he has worked his way into shape and is feeling better than he has in years after having the injections, now popularly referred to in the media as “Kobe Therapy”.  Arenas also had the procedure done on his hips as a preemptive measure that is often used on athletes who, like Arenas, have a history of knee problems.

Arenas conducted a workout in the Los Angeles area Sunday that was attended by Lakers officials.  He could become a well-timed addition for a Lakers team badly in need of scoring help and guard depth.

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