Los Angeles Lakers All-Star Center Dwight Howard to Receive Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy for his Shoulder Labrum Tear

The Los Angeles Times reported today that Lakers All-Star center Dwight Howard will be returning from Minneapolis back home to Los Angeles to undergo a platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection to his injured right shoulder.  While the shoulder has been ailing the star over the last few weeks, he aggravated the torn labrum Wednesday night during a game.

PRP consists of isolating platelets and growth factors from a patient’s own blood.  These growth factors are then injected back to an injured area to accelerate healing naturally.  This non-surgical procedure has a short recovery time, and Howard is expected to rejoin the team this weekend in Detroit.

The physicians at the Orthohealing Center, based in Los Angeles, California, are actively engaged in researching advancements in the field of regenerative medicine which includes platelet-rich plasma and bone marrow concentrate therapies.

We wish Dwight a speedy recovery, and look forward to having him rejoin our hometown team to make a strong push toward the playoffs!

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