Kentucky Derby rasising awareness of platelet rich plasma and stem cell treatments in horses

With the timing of the Kentucky Derby today, there has been recent press about PRP therapy & stem cell usage in athletic horses.

A company called VetCell’s from the UK just announced a Stem Cell Technique to Undergo Human Trials. They have treated over 1500 horses successfully & are now applying this stem cell technology to humans. I expect many studies in the next few years which will enlighten us exactly how we can maximize natural healing utilizing stem cells.

Another study from Cornell University was just published on PRP use with horses showing effectiveness of healing tendon injuries. Tendon injuries are an important cause of catastrophic injury in athletic horses, and even minor injuries are often slow to heal and prone to future injury. Researchers performed ultrasound examinations of the tendons at 0, 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks and mechanical, biochemical, and microscopic evaluation of the tendons 8 weeks after treatment.
Ultrasound while commonly used to look at babies, is seeing increased use in orthopedics and sports medicine to diagnose tendon injuries and to guide needle injections to ensure precise accuracy.

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